“Pretty Wonderful” Contest Winner for October

“Pretty Wonderful” Contest Winner for October Meet our “Pretty Wonderful” Contest winner for October, Cherie Rose. Her thoughtful mother, Claudia Chatelain, nominated her because of her selflessness and because she is a “very loving daughter, great wife, and wonderful mother.” We noticed her big heart right away and her mother confirmed that. “She works endlessly in her own business, but never neglects her children in their needs. If others are in need she will do her best to help them, she teaches her children to do the same.” Cherie finally took a break from everything and relished in a Day of Beauty at Salon Tereska. “Because of her busy, productive life, she seldom takes time for herself,” so we were honored to pamper her with a manicure, pedicure, blow out, and makeup for her night out. An easy feat for us since she is already beautiful inside and out.

“Pretty Wonderful” Contest Winner for August

“Pretty Wonderful” Contest Winner for August Meet our “Pretty Wonderful” Contest winner for August, Paula Solera. Her thoughtful friends of 19 years, Larry and Janet Poche, nominated Paula not only for her selflessness but because of what she has over come this past year. “Last year she was diagnosed with cancer.  She endured surgery, procedures, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She refused to be negative.  She knew a positive attitude was the key to recovery.” When Janet’s dad passed away, Paula took the day off from work and was supportive in every way possible, so the Poche’s were more than happy to return her generosity with a relaxing day of beauty. “She is our friend and a cancer survivor. She deserves a day of wonderful things. Thank you Salon Tereska for making our friend feel wonderful.” Paula thoroughly enjoyed her day of beauty at Salon Tereska. She relaxed with a manicure and pedicure while sipping some wine, and we made sure she was ready for her night out with hair and makeup. We think she looks great, but more importantly that she felt great leaving with a big smile as her best accessory!