“Pretty Wonderful” Contest Winner for August

“Pretty Wonderful” Contest Winner for August Meet our “Pretty Wonderful” Contest winner for August, Paula Solera. Her thoughtful friends of 19 years, Larry and Janet Poche, nominated Paula not only for her selflessness but because of what she has over come this past year. “Last year she was diagnosed with cancer.  She endured surgery, procedures, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She refused to be negative.  She knew a positive attitude was the key to recovery.” When Janet’s dad passed away, Paula took the day off from work and was supportive in every way possible, so the Poche’s were more than happy to return her generosity with a relaxing day of beauty. “She is our friend and a cancer survivor. She deserves a day of wonderful things. Thank you Salon Tereska for making our friend feel wonderful.” Paula thoroughly enjoyed her day of beauty at Salon Tereska. She relaxed with a manicure and pedicure while sipping some wine, and we made sure she was ready for her night out with hair and makeup. We think she looks great, but more importantly that she felt great leaving with a big smile as her best accessory!  

We Know What You’re Thinking, is a Glycolic Smoothing Treatment Right for Me?

We Know What You’re Thinking, is a Glycolic Smoothing Treatment Right for Me? Our answer, YES! If you have thick, frizzy, curly and/or unruly locks you want to tame, then a glycolic smoothing treatment is your solution. Other than the obvious benefits of the glycolic penetrating the hair shaft to restore and rebuild the damaged or porous hair, there are many additional perks. First and foremost, there is no aldehydes so it is that much safer than the original keratin treatment. Second, the glycolic smoothing treatment is an almost immediate fix. Say goodbye to the 3 day wait before you shampoo and style again. You can shampoo immediately if you want, but why mess with perfection? In addition you get up to 3 months of smoother hair, similar to the keratin treatment alone, but we think you will see silkier and shinier hair than you’ve ever seen before! Check out our most recent before & after photos. Contact Salon Tereska for any further information on our Glycolic Smoothing Treatment.