Celebrating 20 years anniversary

Dear Friends!

We are grateful to announce that in Fall 2022 Salon Tereska 

celebrates 20 years of professional work. 

And all that time in Old Metairie, Greater New Orleans area.

With this occasion, we would like to thank our beloved staff members for their incredible impact on what Salon Tereska stands for today. Your hard work and passionate engagement created what’s most important to us – a smile on our customers faces. We are a small family-owned business, and we are proud of creating a welcoming space for the hair, hearts, and souls of our guests over the past two decades.

Salon Tereska – current indoor look

There is more to styling hair than just scissors and brush!

Tereska discovered her passion for hairstyling in the 90’s. She then decided to change her career path and pursued her dream of becoming a professional stylist. She faced various challenges and successfully completed her education in Cosmetology with focus on hair. In 2002, Salon Tereska opened up to customers in the heart of beautiful Old Metairie. Tereska was given the opportunity to work with many celebrities at popular events e.g. Pamela Anderson, Donny and Marie Osmond or Bob Eubanks. 

Here are some of the memorable photos and notes from Mrs. Tereska private archives.  

Time flies when you are having fun…

We are forever grateful to those who joined us on this journey over the past 20 years. It is amazing how many long-term relationships were built in the Salon Tereska. Some of our precious customers stand with us for longer than past two decades. At the Salon, we appreciate them all, and we are more than happy to enchant every new person sitting in our chairs.

Below you can see some of the publications in printed press about Salon Tereska.

What have changed?

The art of hairdressing has surely changed over time and so did we. The salon withstand many difficulties like hurricane Kathrina and COVID-19 pandemic. There were also plenty of good moments in that space – we’ve grown number of stylists and introduced the beauty of hairstyling to the next generation. We like to reminisce about the old good days but we also keep moving forward. We keep up with the trends our clients request while recreating social media inspirations and the ultimate natural look is our favorite.

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